Our custom tools are a must have when it comes to the cleaning process.  With these tools you can do all the cleaning from the outside of the building. After locating the dryer vent cap we use high pressured air and a special blower nozzle. Cleaning a 50-80 ft. dryer vent run is a synch. The air forces the nozzle from the outside of the building all the way to the back of the dryer. It can navigate 90 degree turns and all. Our spinning jet snake creates more than enough force to blow any lint buildup, birds nest, bees nest, out of the vent, thus cleaning the vent. Imagine the income potential with this system.  You can make $75-$150 per 5 to 10 minute cleaning.

"I make $75-$150 every time I Complete this 5 minute dryer vent cleaning and you can too."