Thank you for your interest in starting a dryer vent cleaning business. I want you to see the income potential of this business. I have owned  MadCity Vent Cleaning LLC for over 7 years now. Below are three estimates and a confirmation email from a property manager, which eventually became three very lucrative accounts back in 2008. These properties are still under contract 5 years later, and I still clean them once a year. It only takes 5 days to clean these properties, and I profit over $15,000 a year with this one account. This is a real business opportunity. Let me help you get yours started today.


Josh Wall
MADCITY Vent Cleaning LLC 
        Owning a Dryer Vent Cleaning business can change your life for the better. Check out a sample of our business Guide and learn a little more about us. With our system you can finally make the money you have always wanted to. Take the first step to making more money by getting the full guide and let me help you.
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